EQUIP Full Course (8 months)

Covering the benchmarks of a good sermon, EQUIP helps students EXPLORE the scripture, enter into a time to QUESTION what the scripture may be saying, and UNDERSTAND the direction God is leading the sermon.  The student will learn research and study techniques essential in properly writing and delivering the sermon, which should connect people with God and relate to real life.

Course Objectives:
O Instructs the preacher and provides tools for efficient sermon preparation. 
O Provides a broad knowledge of congregational, biblical, and theological exegesis. 
O Find illustrations from culture and everyday life. 

Who should take the course:
Lay speakers, preachers, and other laity who  desire to learn more about preaching.  Local pastors who have not yet had a preaching class or other clergy who may desire a refresher course in preaching.

What is the course:
It is a comprehensive course in sermon preparation from beginning to end.  It includes biblical, theological, and congregational exegesis, as well as how to find illustrations, delivery, styles, and benchmarks of a good sermon.

When is the course offered:
This is an 8 session course offered from September to April 2017-2018. We will meet the third Saturday of the Month beginning September 16, 2017 from 9:30 am to 2 pm

Where is the course held:
Prague United Methodist Church
1103 Klabzuba
Prague, OK

How to register:
Register online with the form to the left or mail the registration form to 4606 NBU, Prague, OK 74864

Cost for the course is $325 which includes:
O Books
O Lunch
O Materials

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